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Creative Self Care & Connection Through Art

Sketchy Mums Creative Self Care Art Group is a social Group for Mums where babies are welcome!

We all know how important self care is right? This is even more important when we become Mums! Expressing yourself through art is a wonderful way to look after yourself, giving yourself permission to create and have fun for self expression and connection.


Join this friendly relaxed group and you will be guided through drawing exercises and art & craft projects based on the themes of self care, self love and empowerment.

Sketchy Mums is a judgement free safe space to connect and express yourself freely.  Come along and connect with yourself and others through art, conversation and cake! All materials and refreshments will be provided.

You will leave this group session with:

* Skills in drawing and using different art mediums and techniques
* Your beautiful artwork
* A smile on your face from connecting with your free child
* A renewed love of being creative
* The benefits of getting in your creative flow such as reduced stress levels, increase positive emotions and decreased depressive symptoms

* Connection to other local mums and the possibility of new friendships

* Guides to all the exercises and projects

The cost is £15 per person for this 1.5 hour group, which includes all materials and refreshments.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you into the Sketchy Sisterhood!

Sketchy Sisters: Welcome
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